We're Located in Your Own Hometown

In South Carolina, when individuals struggle with drug problems, they get help from professionals in their own communities. Communities4Recovery is a statewide network that for 50 years has supported and advocated for these local providers. It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors.

What Do We Do? It Depends on What You're Facing

We are flexible, and provide the services clients actually need. We’re about engaging personally with the people who need help and doing what it takes to help them.

Just get yourself to your local agency in our network. If that office can’t directly provide the particular help you need, the folks there will point you to someone who can.

There is no Problem Too Small for Us

Yes, we help those misusing opioids, which is a huge national problem that makes headlines. But we even more often deal with marijuana and alcohol. And if a teenager has taken up smoking, we step in before addiction takes hold. The factors that lead to those substances can also steer the vulnerable to cocaine, fentanyl or heroin. We’re about prevention as much as anything.

The Long Road Called Recovery

We try hard to help clients deal with drug and alcohol problems by stopping the process before it starts. When that’s not possible, we help people get the assistance and treatment they need. That starts them on the long road called Recovery. The way to ongoing success varies from one person to another. We help each person identify specific triggers for substance use and barriers to overcoming them.

It's About People

When a person with a problem shows up at our doors, we don’t check to see if they fit an official category. We help.

We work to stop addictive behaviors before they ruin lives. And not just adults. We step in to help kids, before it’s too late. We’re about solving problems on the front end.

Our Story, or Rather Stories

We are a network of many providers, each with its own story. These many stories began in 1973, with a little-known piece of legislation called Act 301. It enabled counties in South Carolina to set up and run local agencies to address substance problems in their communities.

Each agency addresses the particular substance problems faced in that community. Our agencies are internationally accredited and their service providers are licensed and credentialed. All provide access to life-saving Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan.